Consciousness is all there is

My work is therefore centred in awareness

awareness to the body, gross and subtle, through the Alexander technique

awareness to movement through Tai Ji

awareness to the web of Creation through healing and Shamanic work

awareness to the Sacred through Interfaith Ministry



To this end I

trained to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique with Shoshana Kaminitz

practise Tai Ji with the guidance of Chungliang Al Huang (

trained in healing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers

learned core Shamanism with Jonathan Horwitz (

ordained as a One Spirit Interfaith minister (

and study Vedanta with my teacher Ramji (


My most profound initiation came when my beloved husband Nicholas died suddenly in a car crash in 1998 and I had to find my way back to life. This process of transformation informs all my work with people, especially those confronted with death and dying



I hold regular prayer, meditation and healing meetings

I work in circle and ceremony with groups

I work with individuals who seek to explore their essence of being in body and spirit